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Over the last four years, the Great Start Parent Coalition has collected over 240,000 diapers for local food pantries and other community organizations that assist families in need in Kent County.

Did you know?

  • 1 out of every 4 babies born in Kent County is born into poverty.
  • Safety net programs such as W.I.C. and food stamps do NOT cover the cost of diapers.
  • Most childcare centers do not accept cloth diapers, and parents must supply a steady stream of disposable diapers. Furthermore, many families have limited access to laundry facilities, and many coin-operated laundry facilities cannot allow cloth diapers for health reasons.
  • An adequate supply of disposable diapers can cost up to $75 per month.
  • Babies need 6-10 diapers a day, so by the age of 2 ½, a baby needs an average of 7,000 diapers.
  • Many babies are often forced to spend the entire day or longer in a single diaper, because the family cannot afford to buy an adequate supply.
  • Inadequate diaper changing increases the risk of numerous health problems.
  • Studies show a baby crying from being in a soiled diaper for a prolonged period of time is at a greater risk for physical abuse by the caregiver.

Facts from Huggies Every Little Bottom

How you can help


“Spare Change for a Diaper Change”

  • Host our coin funnel.
  • Organize a monetary collection day at work
  • Use any of our coin canisters to collect change.

Host a Diaper Drive at Your Organization

Here are some creative ways to make this fun:

  • Create a chart to track your progress and have a competition
  • Set a goal to stuff someone’s office or company car
  • Host a kick-off event to advertise your drive and goals
  • Have a raffle or incentive for people who donate

Contact us at 616-632-1007 or gsparents@firststepskent.org for additional details and materials.

If you need diapers

  • If you are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Kent County working with individuals and families in need of diapers and would like more information about how to receive diapers, call or email the Great Start Parent Coalition at gsparents@firststepskent.org or 616-632-1007.
  • Please note, the Great Start Parent Coalition Diaper Drive does not distribute diapers directly to individuals. If you are in need of diapers please check with your local food pantry or call United Way’s 211.